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Before the first visit – Intake and consent forms can be completed online when you book your appointment or downloaded from the website. Please complete these prior to the first visit. If you have had recent blood work or imaging tests done, it is helpful to get a copy of the results.


First visit (1 hour 15 minutes*) – Please bring (or submit electronically) your intake forms, consent forms and copies of any recent blood work or imaging tests. The goal of the first appointment is to get a good idea of your medical history and current health concerns and to discuss the goals and expectations of naturopathic treatment. A complaint-oriented physical exam may be performed at this time. You will receive some treatment recommendations on your first visit.

*please note:

  1. Patients who have complex cases, our doctors will either recommend a 90 minute extended visit or a 2-part first visit: a 60 minute initial visit and a second 30-60 minute consultation either later that same week or the following week. Please let our front desk staff know at the front desk if this applies to you.
  2. Cancer patients usually require 90 minute initial visits and 2nd 60 minute visit the following week.
  3. 90 minutes first visits may be recommended when a blood test is conducted during the appointment.

Return visits (usually 45-50 minutes or shorter/longer as needed) – Although generally scheduled two weeks later, the time between return appointments depends on the severity of the condition, the patient's health goals, and the therapies used. For example: during an acute phase of a health conditions visits may be done once or twice a week, while chronic diseases often require visits every four weeks. Someone on a health maintenance program may come in once every season for a check in.


2nd Return visits (usually 45-50 minutes) – Many patients have IgG food sensitivity test results and other labs results that are reviewed during their 2nd visit thereby required a longer visit. Our doctors will help you understand your lab results and will further develop your individualized treatment plans on this 2nd return visit.

If, at any time, you develop an acute illness, please call the office first thing in the morning so that our doctors can try to find time in their schedule to see you that day.


Massage Therapy


Therapeutic Massage & Kinesiology Types of Treatments:

General:         general health & wellbeing, stress reduction, prevention, maintenance, relaxation

Specific:         injury specific, rehabilitation, chronic pain, overuse injuries, degenerative conditions, pathology, pregnancy, palliative care, musician care, sports performance, ergonomics, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Work Related Injuries

*it is best to get a written RX or clearance from your doctor if you have had a recent surgery, accident, trauma, intensive medical treatment, chronic illness, chronic inflammation etc.



Therapeutic Massage: What is the difference between a general treatment and a specific treatment ?

A general treatment does not include an assessment (orthopaedic testing) for a specific condition.  A general treatment has a general goal of relaxation and general tissue health, therefore only a few screening tests will be preformed on the client pre-treatment (case by case).

A specific treatment addresses a unique health status or specific condition or injury.  In this case, the therapist will perform specific tests/biomechanics’ analysis and will study/research your case details further, in between treatment. The treatment plan will be specific as per orthopaedic findings. The therapist reviews and consolidates imaging results (Xrays/MRI/Neuro etc) and generates/consults available medical reports prior to and post treatment.  This also includes follow up emails, education, multi-disciplinary consultation and case management.


What to expect in a treatment session ?

For example, when you book a 1 hour treatment session you will be reserved 1.5 hours with the therapist to respect your treatment time of 1 hour on the table.  In this additional time, the therapist will do a pre general or specific evaluation, as well as a post self care session. Initial treatment sessions, new injuries, changes in health status and complex cases are longer in duration than return visits, therefore time manage enough time, so the therapist may address your needs adequately.  In some cases your therapist will practice slow medicine to benefit your treatment outcome/results.

Treatments are tailored differently as per client goals/needs/health status.  Treatment techniques will be applied on a treatment table or chair, with clothing, sportswear or directly on the skin of the client (sheets/blankets provided), in the latter only the area of the body being treated is uncovered during the treatment.  The therapist will respect your comfort levels.

Therapeutic products used are natural cremes and oils and are unscented. Forms of hot and cold applications of hydrotherapy may be applied.  The therapist will discuss with you the best option for your specific treatment.