Patient Testimonials

"The feedback that I get from Dr. Gleixner ND and Dr. Anhorn ND’s services is great. People are very happy with their services, professionalism and care. I believe in a team integrative approach to patient care wholeheartedly."
Dr. Christian Turbide, MD
Gastroenterologist (previously at George Dumont)


"Dr. Gleixner ND is an excellent naturopathic doctor. He asks a lot of important questions and he listens carefully and gives you all of the information you need. My health has improved so much already.  I have never felt better in my life. I have so much more energy.  I'm losing a little bit of weight. My hormones are definitely more balanced.  Seeing Dr. Gleixner ND is the best decision I have ever made. I've already spoken to several people about Dr. Gleixner ND's naturopathic approach. Thank you so much."
Geraldine Richard


"I will forever be grateful for having the opportunity to be treated by Dr. Nicholas Anhorn ND. I had been struggling with back pain for many years. I had years of treatment with chiropractors, physiotherapist, osteopathic treatments and therapeutic massages but my condition had gradually worsened. During certain times, I was incapacitated and needed lots of medication to manage the pain. My family doctor put me on a long-term medication to manage the pain which helped but had side effects that interfered with normal functioning. This is when I did research which brought me to a treatment called prolozone.  I asked Dr Anhorn ND if he knew of that treatment and where I could get it. I was delighted to hear that he has advanced training in that treatment. I immediately started treatment. After the second treatment, I decreased my medication to half the dosage. After the third treatment, I stopped all medication and never had to take any medication for the pain after that. I am now starting to live a normal life, exercising, lifting my grandchildren and all the normal daily little activities we take for granted. The results of this treatment is unbelievable. And I want to add......the treatment seems scary and I expected some pain, but it is almost painless. I strongly recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering from back pain, knee or shoulder pain."
Huguette Cormier


"Thanks to Dr. Gleixner ND and his always smiling staff, I was able to regain my quality of life. Before my first appointment, my days were filled with abdominal cramps, bloating, etc. I was unable to exercise comfortably and I have anxiety about going out since I often had to run to the bathroom. Dr. Gleixner ND took the time to explain the importance of following an individualized diet to control my irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms. After undergoing a IgG food sensitivity blood test, different foods were outlined and removed from my diet. Since I have removed these foods from my diet, my IBS symptoms have greatly diminished and are now under control. I am now able to exercise comfortably. I enjoy life again thanks to the Moncton Naturopathic Medical Clinic."
Valérie Belliveau


“After meeting with my surgeon and learning that I would need to have a complete distal clavicle repair on my right shoulder I started researching what I might use in place of prescription medication for pain management as the pain I was experiencing was unbearable.  Fortunately, I was seeing Dr. Anhorn ND for another reason when the discussion of pain management came up and I learned of the prolozone shots that he thought would be an good alternative. Amazingly after the first shot I immediately started feeling some relief of pain which was encouraging.  With the second and third shots injected directly into the pain site I was no longer experiencing pain nor going through sleepless nights.  The best part for me was that there was no stomach upset as would have been caused if I would have had to take prescription medication. I would recommend this for anyone as a first alternative before trying anything else."
N. Williamson


“I’ve been seeing Dr. Gleixner ND for the last few months and am very pleased with my progress so far. I find Dr. Gleixner ND to be very knowledgeable and caring. He’s very patient and thorough in explaining the root cause of your problem and how to combat it with natural medicine. It’s wonderful to have a health professional who actually listens to you and takes your concerns seriously! I have had many symptoms that have improved, especially my digestion. I tested positive for gluten and dairy intolerance and removing these foods has made a huge difference in my health, especially by reversing heartburn and acid reflux and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms. I also suffer from systemic inflammation and the supplements and diet he has prescribed has been very effective in reducing my pain levels. I have also lost almost 30 pounds since seeing Dr. Gleixner ND and have much more energy than before. I’ve actually been able to start exercising for the first time in years! (Severe peripheral neuropathy burning sensations in my feet caused by a vitamin D deficiency has been totally reversed and the nerve pain is now gone, so I can now walk comfortably again for the first time in over 15 years!). Also, my blood sugar levels have been improving since following his dietary advice on managing Type II diabetes. I am very thankful to Dr. Gleixner ND and the Moncton Naturopathic Medical Clinic for their excellent care – I feel better than I’ve felt in years!”
Geri Richard


"I was off work with the worst flare-up of fibromyalgia I've had in 15 years.  I was already taking the recommended prescription drugs and was seeing my GP and a rheumatologist but my life consisted of sleeping and reading.  I had no energy at all.  Fortunately, a good friend recommended that I consult a naturopathic doctor which is how I met Dr. Anhorn ND.  He has been very caring and understanding of all the issues I face because of the fibro.  The treatments he has prescribed have proved to be very helpful and I am ready to return to work next week!  Dr. Anhorn ND has helped me make some very positive changes in my eating and lifestyle and I know these changes will help my health to improve as I move forward.  No matter what concern I have, Dr. Anhorn ND always has a solution.  He has even helped me deal with a troublesome insurance company.  Finally, a doctor who understands what it is like to have fibro. Thanks, Dr. Anhorn ND. I look forward to working with you in the years to come!"
Darlene Donkin


"J’apprécie beaucoup mes consultations avec Dr. Gleixner ND.  Il prend le temps de m’écouter attentivement et de répondre à toutes mes interrogations.  Ses conseils sont simples et clairs.  Au bout de quelques mois, sans faire d’effort particulier, mais en appliquant ses conseils, j’ai commencé à avoir un regain d’énergie.  Ce qui d’ailleurs m’a fait reprendre le sport de façon plus intense.  Dr. Gleixner ND offre un service unique et efficace.  En plus, c’est un vrai moment agréable et sympathique que vous passerez en sa présence."
Julie Dupuis


"In 2005 I started getting pain in my neck and upper back which increased in intensity to become severe enough that I went on disability in 2008.  I was eventually diagnosed with spinal stenosis and had a spinal fusion in my neck in 2010.  The discomfort was lessened but I was still suffering.  I tried several therapies with limited and short-lived success.  When I heard of Neural Prolotherapy with Dr. Anhorn ND I thought I'd give it a try.  I started in August 2013 and by December I was so much improved that I now feel the best I have in over 8 years.  I also had plantar fasciitis and couldn't get to sleep without an ice pack on my feet to reduce the burning sensation.  I don't have that problem anymore!  The visits were always enjoyable - thanks Dr. Anhorn ND."
Marc Stewart


"After escalating abdominal issues that were dismissed by my GP, I turned to Dr. Gleixner ND. He got to the root of the problem quickly, getting the pain and fatigue to subside in a couple of months. He is an excellent, compassionate professional who clearly cares about his patients and gives them the tools they need to holistically understand their health, so they are empowered to get well and maintain good health into the future."

Vanessa Moeller


"Dr. Anhorn ND was the key to figuring out what my body was lacking and helping me get it back on track. His knowledge and thoughtfulness is a blessing."

Tamara Morais


“For years I have had episodic attacks of arthritis like joint and muscle pain and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Traditional medical investigations did not help. Dr. Gleixner’s approach worked in three weeks. He discovered I was gluten and dairy intolerant. With educational supports and supplements to heal my digestive system, my IBS has settled and the painful joint and muscle episodes have disappeared. I can now return to a lifestyle I once enjoyed. I am very indebted to him."
Joyce Kaye


"After undergoing the lgG food sensitivity blood test, different foods were outlined and removed from my diet. Since I have removed these foods from my diet and following Dr. Gleixner ND advise and expertise, my irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms are now under control. Also, it is amazing that I am no longer on medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
Thanks to Dr. Gleixner ND, I am healthier than I have ever been."
Pauline Leger


"I have had a chronic cough for over 25 years. It has become "life altering" in the last 10 years. I have gone to numerous specialist in NB and a total diagnostic clinic in Toronto (2014). I had acupuncture treatments for 3 years and tried Reiki as well. None of these approaches were successful.
I began treatment with Dr.Gleixner ND in January 2016 and have experienced a substantial reduction in frequency and intensity of my coughing spells (April 2016). His thorough, knowledgeable and caring treatment of my condition has been reassuring. I'm now able to conduct my daily routine without constant interruptions form extended, often stressful, coughing episodes.
I would recommend the clinic to anyone who has not found the health solutions from more traditional medical sources."
Trudy Brydges


"MY BREAST CANCER JOURNEY - It all started back in 2006 when I was originally diagnosed with breast cancer. I had the usual treatment for my type of cancer diagnosis-two surgery, six treatment of intensive chemotherapy, six weeks of radiation, eighteen treatment of a different kind of chemo for being HER-2 positive followed by five years of hormone pills for prevention of any recurrence. Results of those treatment got my platelet count very low. I tried everything out there without result so my only option was to go back at the knife to remove my spleen. I had enough surgery and chemical to last me a life time so I decided the natural way. I meet Dr. Gleixner ND at the farmer's market and now with the natural tonic and pills he has given me my life has changed for the best, I feel great and my platelet count has accelerated drastically. I highly recommend him as having great expertise. As a registered nurse and Director of New-Brunswick for Canadian Breast Cancer Network across Canada we are very blessed to have him in our area."
Suzanne LeBlanc



"I would highly recommend Dr. Gleixner ND. He brought me back to a healthy & active lifestyle after being environmentally poisoned (toxicity issues) and dealing with severe adrenal fatigue. I went from being in bed for 22 hours a day, walking with a cane, poor balance and in constant pain to a healthy active lifestyle.  I now walk 3 miles/day, no pain, and no cane.  From diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and sticking to his advice, I plan on staying healthy. Thank you!"
Robert Lapointe


"I had been suffering with terrible migraines and just a feeling of being unwell all over my body. I had aches constantly, and was getting highly depressed over this. I was diagnosed with migraines and fibromyalgia.  The only help I was getting was more medication that was causing other problems, and so on. After 2 years of running to emergency rooms and exhausting every other resource I knew, I decided to try out a Naturopath doctor. I didn't know what to expect but I was game for anything at this point. At first meeting with Dr. Anhorn ND, I was instantly at ease. I finally found a place I belonged. He listened intensely to what I was saying and didn't try to mask a problem but worked through to find life long solutions to end my issues. The bonus to all this, everything has been natural without a side effect which is completely new to me. He has changed my life from feeling hopeless to feeling hopeful and joyful every day. I now feel stronger, healthier, happier.  I thank him greatly and have much faith in the help he is providing me!"
Ashley Pinet


"I was so impressed with Dr. Gleixner ND's approach.  For the first time in my life I felt my health concerns were taken seriously.  Within months we made more progress than I had made elsewhere in years.  I am now looking forward to being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle rather than searching for a remedy."
Taylor Wood


"I had been having problems for close to four years.  The right side of my body had numbness and pain.  They did MRI's and nerve tests but nothing was showing up so it was dismissed.  I couldn't sleep at night or do most simple tasks.  I knew there was something wrong, that it wasn't all in my head.  Finally last fall my doctor told me on top of having osteoarthritis that I now had osteoporosis and it was in my spine and the discs had deteriorated and were pinching nerves causing the pain and numbness.  He also told me this would be my life and all they could do was manage the pain with medication.  I was in shock when I left his office.  After feeling sorry for myself and trying to take pills for the pain, which was causing my stomach problems after only two days, decided I needed to try something else.  Gugi, my massage therapist suggested I see Dr Anhorn ND.  He has literally saved my life.  I've changed my diet, avoiding foods that inflame my body,taking the proper vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and started Prolozone Therapy.  Although my pain and numbness are not completely gone there is great improvement.  I now go to bed at night and actually sleep.  I am my own worst enemy at times, doing more than I should and aggravating my body.  The treatments do not hurt, sometimes there is a little discomfort and that is very rare. Thank you Dr Anhorn ND you are a wonderful young man, who really cares about his patients."
Donna Adams


"First of all I heard good things about Dr. Gleixner ND, so I decided to go see him for my type 2 diabetes. After changing my eating habits, I was able to stop taking my insulin and eventually stop all the other medication (all approved by my MD). In all, I lost 25+ lbs of weight and I'm really grateful for his help."
Ulysse Dangle


"I am writing this to express my appreciation of Dr. Nicholas Anhorn ND.  I had been in a lot of pain and I was taking as many as 12 extra strength Advil daily on bad days. I wasn’t sleeping well, was bloated and was tired all the time. Dr Nicholas (as we call him) gave me some dietary advice as well as other ways to improve my health with simple exercise. Dr. Nicholas Anhorn ND did a blood test and discovered I had a gluten plus dairy sensitivity. The very day after I started the gluten/dairy free diet I noticed a difference in how I felt. I had a large sore on my face which my family dr told me was serious. She said it was a mucous cyst and would have to be seen by a specialist in January. Two days after I started the GF and dairy free diet the sore disappeared. It is gone completely with no creams or medication. Since I stopped eating the white flour and other wheat products my energy level has increased. I will say I still have some pain but it isn’t unbearable and I rarely take an Advil.  I no longer take the awful tired spells. I wake up feeling rested and have lost over 12 pounds. If I slip up and eat something with gluten in it I become confused and have brain fog, pain in my shoulders again and don’t feel well. It is terrible but now that I am on the road to good health I never want to go back.

Dr. Nicholas Anhorn ND has been so helpful. He really takes an interest in his patients unlike any other doctor I have ever seen.  I recommend him above any other Doctor I have ever seen."
Anne Fearon


"I've been a patient of Dr. Gleixner ND for the past 2 years and my health changed completely. I had severe digestive issues and had been taking prescribed medications for several years. With Dr. Gleixner ND's help, I was able to stop the medications and get to the root of the problem and identify certain foods that I could not tolerate. After eliminating these foods, started taking naturopathic supplements to heal my digestive system and a total lifestyle change, I slowly started to feel better. Trying to find the underlying problem instead of masking it is the key to great health. I would highly recommend Dr. Gleixner ND and the Moncton Naturopathic Medical Clinic."
Paulette Richard



"Absolutely the best in NB and the Atlantic provinces! Many travel from great distances to see Dr Anhorn ND!"

Jayne Brawn



"Thank you Dr. Gleixner ND for your devotion in working towards improving my health/well being. A good quality of life is very important to me. Thank you, my situation has much improved!"
Charline Bourgeois


"At the beginning of 2013 I found myself here in Canada without any medical insurance, a throbbing ear infection that would not go away, high blood pressure and an abnormal menstrual cycle. While undergoing immigration within the confines of Canada, every time I would go to the emergency room it would cost my husband 250.00 plus the costs of medication, I was in constant fear of getting sick. Dr. Anhorn ND was my saving grace when I was seriously ill. I felt like my heart and right eardrum were going to explode, but with his calm demeanor and authentic empathy we were able to avoid a disastrous escapade to the emergency room. Every penny that I have invested in seeing Dr. Anhorn was well worth it. Fear no longer plagues my dreams, he treats me as a knowledgeable patient and not someone undermining his medical authority. He always emphasizes that your body knows best in treatment and I too believe this now. I seldom have to go for a visit, but now when I do is just for a tune up here and there."
Doria Matos


"In July 2014, I decided to go see Dr. Gleixner ND after wanting to control my irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms and lack of energy. After completing the IgG food sensitivity test that Dr. Gleixner ND recommended, I found out that I was dairy and gluten intolerant.  After putting the suggestions from Dr. Gleixner ND in action, I started to see immediate results. My abdominal pains have stopped, and I am no longer bloated.  I have lost 5 lbs so far, my energy level is up again and it even diminished my anxiety.  I highly recommend Dr. Gleixner ND as he has changed my life.  If you want someone who takes the time to ask the right questions and listens, then he is the one you should see."
Christine LeBlanc


"I would highly recommend both Dr. Nicholas Anhorn ND and the Moncton Naturopathic Clinic for any naturopathic treatment, but especially for I.V. nutrient replacement and heavy metal chelation. Dr. Anhorn ND is very professional, knowledgeable and has a wonderful bedside manner that made me very comfortable with my time at the clinic and confident with the treatments I was receiving.  I am very grateful Dr. Anhorn ND is practicing in Moncton because he provides I.V. nutrient replacement and chelation therapies which are difficult to find in the maritime provinces.  Being from Ontario, I began my treatments there with another naturopathic doctor, but spending the summers in Prince Edward Island created a problem of how to continue my treatments. Dr. Anhorn ND was able to continue the protocol that my naturopath in Ontario had outlined and so I was able to receive my treatments without interruption. I started I.V. therapy because I had many health issues that had been getting significantly worse in the five years since my child was born. Traditional doctors gave me medications but then I knew the problems were still there and I was extremely frustrated. I ate very healthy organic food and exercised daily but still things were wrong.  I found out about these treatments by accident but I knew right away that this was what I needed. Even though I am less than halfway through my treatment schedule I have received tremendous benefit from the nutrient replacement and detoxification. I now get up with energy and happiness in my day rather than tiredness and depression.  My relationship with my family is so much better and I look forward to playing and laughing with my child.  I have joy back in my life that I haven’t had for many years.  My mind is much clearer and my physical stamina is amazing! It is remarkable to watch my body become stronger from within itself and I am extremely excited to see what the end results of these treatments will be.

I am so grateful to Dr. Anhorn ND for helping to bring me to this point and will continue to see him whenever I am back in the maritimes."
Amy Jakubowski


"If you're looking for an outstanding naturopathic doctor who practices natural healing try Moncton Naturopathic Medical Clinic. I can testify that this clinic is the best, Dr. Gleixner ND has been my naturopathic doctor since I moved here 1.5 years ago and this last year I am happy to say my mother is now a patient."
Pamela Strong


“People ask me why I look young and why I have so much energy. Yesterday I had my monthly Myer's Nutrient IV with Dr. Anhorn ND. I have been making this a best practice in my longevity plan. I can tell you that I have cut in half my night time waking (and eating) and have energy to glow with today. I can't wait to have a productive weekend! Thanks Dr. Anhorn. See you in two weeks for some acupuncture! Myer's Nutrients.....people you gotta read up on this! Get your vitamins via IV once a month and skip taking your daily dosage.”
Florence Rose


"I recently retired and moved to Moncton from another province and found myself to be over stressed, burned out and suffering from hormone imbalance from menopause. With all the doctors in the area not taking any new patients, I decided to email my last Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario and ask him to refer someone from the Moncton area to me. He referred Dr. Gleixner ND. When I arrived at his office, I was a mess to say the least. My hormones were badly out of balance. My hair was falling out, hot flashes galore, allergies to things I was never allergic to before, I wasn’t able to sleep more than an hour per night, weight gain and general not feeling right. After getting all my facts and history, Dr. Gleixner ND started to control my various imbalances with herbal medications and I began to respond to the treatment. I can’t believe the change in my overall health and appearance. I now sleep 5-6 hours per night as well. My allergies are starting to get under control making my skin and hair look much better. I feel calmer and I’m beginning to settle down and feel like I did a year ago before all this started. I highly recommend Dr. Gleixner ND and the Moncton Naturopathic Medical Clinic. It has taken approximately 2 months for me to feel good again. Thank you Dr. Gleixner ND for helping me in my time of need."
Jane Lewis


"Dr. Anhorn ND is a caring, compassionate man, with extensive knowledge in his field. A true gentleman, and an even greater doctor! Now he is helping my whole family to achieve our health goals. He's the best!!"
Mae LeBlanc


"Upon meeting with Dr. Gleixner ND and trying the approach he suggested, I was able to greatly improve certain symptoms such as fatigue which I had been dealing with for years. I would recommend him to anyone who would like to explore new ways to improve their health."
Corina Crainic


"Dr. Anhorn ND is an incredibly gifted practitioner. He practices with passion and compassion and Eastern Canada is lucky to have him!"

Tay Lynn


"When I met Dr. Gleixner ND and told him about my severe eczema that was still lingering on, he said we would be able to help clear up my skin in 6 weeks (maybe a bit longer). I cried and said "you don't understand. I have been dealing with this for almost 20 years. I have seen all of the doctors and did all of the tests, spent all of the money."  He asked me to trust him. So I reach deep inside of me, gained courage again and started naturopathic treatments. I also worked on the psychologic aspects of my skin problem and together we did it!!! Within 2 months my skin is clear and I am medicine (pharmaceutical) free. Oh and I quit smoking too! Thanks Dr. Gleixner ND."

Lydia Branch


"Super happy that this journey to health led me to find this clinic and Dr. Anhorn ND!"

Karen Martin


"Dr. Gleixner ND has been extremely helpful in his advice & patient care.  His concern for my health and his wise advice sustained me as I fought my autoimmune disease.  I believe it is because of him that I am so improved in my health today.  If you are struggling with your health & need help, this is the naturopathic doctor you need to see."
Dawn Ramey-Crowell


"I have been suffering from digestive problems since childhood. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is not fun. Dr. Gleixner ND's suggested dietary changes, supplements and his wise advice helped drastically. Pain is mostly eliminated, bowels improved. Furthermore, I lost weight (over 20 lbs) in a course of therapy (8 months). Good energy and calm atmosphere at the clinic makes me feel at ease every time."
Olga Burova

"In May 2016, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. After much research on the topic, I decided to get a second opinion. My search, fortunately lead me to the Moncton Naturopathic Medical Clinic, in Moncton NB under the direction of Dr. Martin Gleixner ND. Dr. Gleixner ND guided me through the process of healing my body with nutritional changes and supplement support. Five months later, I feel fabulous!! This naturopathic experience has been a game changer for my health. Your body is an incredible healing machine when given the chance! Thank you Dr. Gleixner ND for your knowledge and guidance during this journey. Wishing all optimal health."
Margaret McAloon


"Prior to meeting Dr. Gleixner ND, I found myself struggling with bloating & fatigue. By working with Dr. Gleixner ND I have regained my energy & vitality within a couple of months. I have lost 20lbs and 8% body fat. I feel incredible & it's due to working with Dr. Gleixner ND & the naturopathic approach to wellness. Thank you!"
Kelly Dean


"My life is more relaxed now that my gut (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is doing so much better. I no longer have to find the bathroom upon entering a building. My bowels work on a regular and comfortable basis.
Thank you Dr. Gleixner ND."

Clara Anderson


"On March 11th, my 1st appointment with Dr Gleixner ND was a getting-to-know session, and I got to know more about my health or lack of it, and the route I would be taking if I didn’t get on the right track. After talking through my concerns he indicated he needed to review my last tests, and he also gave me some advice about increasing my activity and some adjustments in my diet and lifestyle. On April 2nd (2nd appointment), he reviewed the lab work tests I had done previously at the Parrsboro Hospital. He explained the glucose readings were high and if I had kept on the same path I would be a diabetic. I have to admit I was scared as to where the conversation was going, as five years earlier I cared for my mother who lost both legs to Diabetes, before it ended her life. I basically told him I would do whatever was necessary to change the direction my own health was taking. He laid out guidelines for my diet, do’s and don’t, etc. and I told him I would do whatever he suggested. The day after my appointment, I started monitoring and recording my glucose levels, following the few restrictions he made, and stayed on the lifestyle he suggested. Each day I took my readings so I would become more aware of how certain foods were affecting my readings; to know if a certain food was able to maintain or lower my high sugar numbers. Meals were a challenge at first, but soon I became familiar with the required weight and portion size to keep my sugar where it should be. After eating as he suggested, staying on low carb foods, avoiding milk, bread, pasta and fruits; I was keeping good numbers, but still want to get closer to ideal. I lost 10 lbs, and it has stayed off. My energy levels are great, and I’m up and at it early in the mornings again. I owe this change to Dr Gleixner ND and his frank, lay it on the line approach. He told me what I needed to know, but it was up to me to follow through and take his advice. I feel great and I feel 20 years younger. Meditation and affirmations also keep me motivated. I do both morning and early evening and sleep well. I now enjoy my life and the extra added years I hope to live are thanks in a large part to the care I received from Dr Gleixner ND. Thanks to your front desk staff for planning my visits around my husband’s travel schedules. Thanks and Blessings"
Ethel Mumford


"L'approche de Dr. Gleixner ND m'a beaucoup aider, en fait nous avons résolue le problème.  L'approche globale de la vision de la santé est la voie à suivre. Je recommande une visite à tous ceux qui sont sans réponse à l'approche traditionnelle."
Francois Maltais


"Our infant son had severe eczema on his face. It was so bad that two different doctors misdiagnosed it as impetigo. During our first meeting with Dr. Gleixner ND we began identifying the root of the problem – what a refreshing approach! The pediatrician had prescribed a band-aid solution to manage the symptoms and discouraged us from exploring the problem further. With Dr. Gleixner ND’s assistance we were empowered to take relatively simple, yet effective steps to help restore our baby’s health. Within two months of our first appointment, the eczema had almost entirely cleared. Dr. Gleixner ND’s naturopathic approach was a relief to us as parents, and it gave us the knowledge and tools to make a difference in our baby’s life."
Sarah Kardash and Dave Thomas


"The osteoporosis FOOT plan has been very good for me.  Under the guidance of Dr. Martin Gleixner ND, in less than one year there has been a very significant improvement in my osteoporosis condition.  Having been absolutely satisfied with the treatment I received, persons should not hesitate to contact Dr. Gleixner ND for any related problem."
Maria LeBlanc


"When I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, my MD recommended Bisphosphonate drug therapy.  After doing research I decided on a more natural approach.  Dr. Gleixner ND recommended a plan of diet, exercise and supplements.  After 1 year, my bone density has increased significantly.  I am no longer osteoporotic. Thank you very much Dr. Gleixner ND."
Helen Thurston


"When I met Dr. Gleixner ND at the Dieppe Market I was in a desperate need of help. I felt my life was out of control. I was suffering from a 'BURN OUT' but didn't want to see my doctor knowing she would write me a prescription and the issues I faced would still be there. I was too proud to admit to my supervisors that I needed time off and to slow down. Dr. Gleixner ND was able to see me within a few days of meeting him at the market. He helped me understand what was going on physiologically and started me on supplements to help with the stress. This also helped me realize that I needed to change my career and lifestyle, because the 80% travel I was doing was running me down. I have now changed jobs. I am home everyday and I love my new job. It's been 18 months now since my first visit to Dr. Gleixner ND and thanks to him I was able to get my emotional and physical health back where it should be without prescription drugs. We are expecting a grandson in the fall and I am grateful to be home to help out and enjoy this new addition to our family."
Cecile Haley


"When I went to see Dr. Gleixner ND my baby boy was 6 months old and had been suffering from colic for 6 months.  He had constant painful stomach cramps and was suffering from insomnia, waking up at least 10 times a night every night as a result of his cramps.  My family doctor wanted to prescribe him drugs, but I didn't feel comfortable drugging an infant and I wanted to fix rather than mask the problem.  The baby and I were both exhausted and it all was starting to seem hopeless.  After our initial visit to Dr. Gleixner ND and beginning treatment, the baby's cramps diminished after just a couple of weeks, and in less than 6 weeks all of his pains and colic had completely disappeared.  Once the cramps were gone Dr. Gleixner ND gave me effective guidance on teaching the baby good sleep habits.  Also, since a part of the treatment included some changes to my diet to ensure my breastmilk wasn't an irritant, I am delighted that after living with mild acne my entire adult life my complexion has completely cleared up, what an awesome surprise bonus!  Many thanks Dr. Gleixner ND!"
Nadine Savoie


"Since I have started seeing Dr Gleixner ND 5 months ago, my seasonal allergies have decreased significantly, my cholesterol levels have improved and my energy levels have increased noticeably.  Dr. Gleixner ND takes the time to explain how the body functions and his recommended treatment.  I would recommend the Moncton Naturopathic Medical Clinic to anyone wishing to improve their overall health."
Patrick Bourbonnais


"Dr. Gleixner ND has been wonderful in helping my son improve his grades. His extensive knowledge of nutrition, lifestyle counselling and naturopathic medicines has help him a great deal and the notes on the last report card where fantastic!!!! Thank you so much!!!!"
Gisèle DeVarennes-Aubé (mother of pediatric patient)


"I started seeing Dr. Gleixner ND after I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis and had opted out of daily pharmaceutical injections due to severe side effects. After a little over a year of following the FOOT PLAN, making dietary changes, and exercising more, I am very happy with the significant improvement in my bone density. I would highly recommend Moncton Naturopathic Medical Clinic to anyone who wants to take their health into their own hands."

Debbie Raymond


"Depuis des années, j'avais un problème d'hypothyroidie.  Chaque 6 à 8 mois on devait augmenter ma dose de Synthroide.  Avec Dr. Gleixner ND en un mois de traitement, je me sens mieux que depuis des années.  J'ai maintenant réduit ma dose de Synthroide deux fois et ça va très bien.  C'est très encourageant."
Carmen Thibodeau


"Dr. Gleixner ND has helped me tremendously with my allergies which I have endured for many years.  I now can go up and down stairs several times without becoming short of breath and needing to rest before continuing my other tasks.  Receiving a detox cleanse has put me on a better road of health along with having more vim and vigor.  I learned more in one visit with Dr. Gleixner ND than I have in several visits with other practitioners, in regards to good health and keeping healthy.  Thanks, Dr. Gleixner ND!"
Warrenne Agnew


"Dr. Gleixner ND has helped me improve my energy level and sleep patterns through natural medications and changes in lifestyle habits.  I would recommend him highly to friends and relatives."
Wilma Evans


"Dr. Gleixner ND has helped my shoulder and knee pain.  The pain in my knees and shoulder has improved and I can sleep and walk without too much pain.  My blood pressure has improved and I am feeling much better.  Thanks to Dr. Gleixner ND my life is much better."
Joseph Warren


"I was told that there were only 2 ways to deal with my hyperactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism).  1- to remove most of it surgically, or 2- to burn it with radioactive iodine treatment. I didn't have many symptoms and asked the specialist if I could manage my condition. He said that he did not waste his time with people like me and ordered me out of his office. Time elapsed and my condition got worse.  My daughter suggested Dr. Gleixner ND. Long story short: my condition was manageable and I feel great. Dr. Gleixner ND, likewise treated my son's chronic fatigue and my daughter's liver.  We are all most grateful to have him in our lives and strongly recommend his approach. Thank you, Dr. Gleixner ND."
Vida Cropas


"I would like to highly recommend Dr. Gleixner ND.  I started visiting him as a patient in March. At that time I was very sick and had absolutely no energy. I had been on 5 rounds of antibiotics in 4 months and because of it my immune system was shot. What was very important to me was the fact that Dr. Gleixner ND is very compassionate and caring and very knowledgeable. I was feeling so bad that I was determined to do all he asked me to do, so within a couple of weeks I was starting to feel better and was even exercising. Since I have started seeing him, not only do I feel better than I thought possible but as a bonus I have lost 18 pounds. I have come to realize I have to make a life change and it will be an ongoing thing for me. Its really nice to have Dr. Gleixner ND and his wife in my corner encouraging me. Thank-you."
Sherry O'Connor


"I really appreciated the clinic's newsletter and realize how blessed I am to be in such good hands with Dr. Gleixner ND's high expertise in health care. My health condition has improved drastically and I owe it to you, Dr. Gleixner ND, and to Joanne too; you both have a very warm and compassionate way of greeting and treating me (and I am sure all your patients would agree). This holistic approach to health and wellness is just wonderful. Thank you so much again."
Lise Michaud


"With my visits to Dr. Gleixner ND thus far, I feel so much better. After several years of being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and not knowing what was wrong with me, thanks to him I now feel like I'm on the right track. He's helped me so much and I would recommend him to my friends, family, etc... Thank God for Dr's like him. He was my life saver for sure."
Delores Ellis


"I wish I had started this treatment long ago! Since beginning treatment with Dr. Gleixner ND, I have much more energy and look and feel so much better. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself and I encourage anyone who is considering this to do it."
Kelly MacDonald


"Je donnerais le nom de Dr. Gleixner ND. Si quelqu'un aurait un problème, aller le voir, parce ce que j'était à l'aise de parler avec lui.  Facile à communiquer avec lui et il a su m'aider."
Eric McLaughlin


"With lots of health issues especially related to digestive problems and headaches every day, I was referred to Moncton Naturopathic Medical Clinic (MNMC). Dr. Gleixner ND and I worked on a plan to improve my health. Dr. Gleixner takes the time to explain everything in simple terms that is easy to understand and I felt comfortable and at ease to follow the plan. I felt much better and got more energy in my day. Would recommend the clinic."
Eva LeBlanc

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